Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship Program

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An Online Master’s for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), you’ve already demonstrated your strong work ethic, commitment to community development, and dedication to pursuing a truly global learning experience. At Future Generations University, 通过服务学习,你可以进一步发展你在服务过程中获得的技能.

“未来世代”将许多对和平队至关重要的价值观归功于他们, particularly empowering local communities to create positive change. Because of this, we are a proud member of the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program.

“未来世代”通过社区实验室融入了“我做,世界杯买球入口做,你做”的方法. 所有的课程都是100%在线的,并激励我开始我自己的业务作为一个非营利顾问.”



The Coverdell Fellows

The Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship Program is specifically for U.S. 返回(或返回)的和平队志愿者(RPCV)学生, Peace Corps Response (PCR) Volunteers, or Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Volunteers. 它的目的是使每一个志愿者都能以较低的成本获得应用社区发展的艺术硕士学位,并将作为和平队志愿者学到的技能应用到美国服务不足的社区.S.


Flexible and Affordable

  • Coverdell Fellows automatically receive a 25% scholarship
  • 每一门课程都是应用的:把你在课堂上学到的东西,直接在你服务的社区中付诸实践
  • 根据你的需求定制你的学位:通过独立项目或实习获得最多14个学分

RCPV Eligibility

  • 返回和平队的志愿者必须在和平队服务的整个两年行程中服务过, with special exception granted for “early close of service”, “interrupted service”, or medical separation
  • 和平队反应和全球卫生服务伙伴关系志愿者必须服务了总共12个月, either as one tour or a combination of tours.
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